The origins of Future of Business was the perceived need for serious analysis and commentary about the likely business landscape of the next 10 years and the key trends expected to unfold during this timeframe. It was launched at the beginning of 2011 by  Roger Trapp and John Owrid, co-founders of London-based business influence network indexB.

The initial posts were based on investigations conducted by indexB that used a blend of qualitative and quantitative research, data analysis and investigative journalism to uncover some of the most influential business trends of the next 10 years. The aim was to blend sound forecasting with sharp commentary and provide subscribers with food for thought about all aspects of the  future business landscape.

Since then a lot of ground has been covered and one or two minor scoops have occurred along the way. We’ve looked at some of the new  practices that are starting to influence the way companies behave such as collaboration, crowdsourcing, business networking and information sharing.

We’ve peered inside the virtual office to see who’s there, what they’re doing,  where they’re living and even examined the way cities are being shaped by the future needs of companies.

No surprise that technology features heavily in many of the trends we’re tracking but we’re leavening food for thought by looking at all aspects of commercial life, from how trade patterns are changing to the future of marketing and communications and even the evolution of business language.

Whilst this blog is about long terms trends that will likely leave a mark on the next decade, their roots are in the here and now.  Everything covered is already happening somewhere, we’re just providing a momentary spotlight.

We cover each subject in as much depth as 1000 words or so allows and link to original research, newly released data, interviews with key influencers and trend setters as well as information about significant news and events as they occur.

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