About Us

The biggest challenges many companies face is how to remain influential in a world that is changing so rapidly. How to stay forward thinking and future-focused when the business world is being radically transformed by macro-economic, technological and societal forces.

indexB was created to help companies address this context. We help them create influence within their markets by designing thought leadership programmes.

We help them lead the debate about the future of their markets and create the type of intelligence that supports this need, casting new light on some of the challenging issues that they face along the way.

Our reputation has been built by developing ground-breaking research into understanding business behaviour; investigating and reporting on the business world at large; creating, managing and interpreting business data.

To support what we do we have our own network of business influencers, including commentators, academics, researchers, business schools, authors and C-suite executives within leading companies around the world. Many of them participate in our investigative work and we in theirs.

To find out more about our work please visit our website.

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